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Skating Designs creates superior figure skating dresses, ice skating pants, skating shirts and skirts, Polartec clothing, figure skating outfits and ice skating accessories at an affordable price. We specialize in figure skating dresses as well as gymnastic, ballet, and roller skating and dance costumes. View customer photos for many of our ice skating dresses & warm practice outfits.

At our figure skating boutique, Skating Designs specializes in ice skating dresses, Polartec ice skating pants, various ice and figure skating outfits, as well as other Polartec and ice skating clothing. We also sell figure skating jackets, tops, boot covers, leg warmers, matching girl and doll clothing, and figure skating accessories.

Read on for more information about our fine ice skating clothes:

Polartec Pants

Our figure skating boutique sells ice skating pants made from Polartec, a warm, lightweight fabric which boasts superior breathability, staying dry even during rigorous skating routines.

These Polartec pants come in a variety of colors with optional fabric inserts, and are available for both girls and boys.

Polartec Clothing

In addition to Polartec pants, we also sell Polartec clothing such as ice skating jackets, figure skating dresses and Polartec tops. All are as snug and warm as our Polartec pants.

Figure Skating Dresses

Our ice skating dresses are attractive and functional, and are made from either Polartec, Sportek or Lycra. Some of our figure skating dresses are customizable with different fabric inserts, while others come in varying colors.

Ice Skating Outfits

Sets of ice skating clothes made from Polartec are also available at our figure skating store. Depending on the particular set, these figure skating outfits may include ice skating dresses, figure skating pants, tops, skirts for ice skating, figure skating jackets and leg warmers.

Ice Skating Clothes

Skating Designs also sells figure skating jackets, ice skating shorts and skirts, as well as gloves, scrunchies and leg warmers. All these and more can be found in our figure skating boutique.

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With a minimum purchase of $125 or more, shipping is free within the United States using priority USPS mail. Other destinations and shipping options incur a fee.

Why buy ice skating and figure skating dresses from Skating Designs?

Skating Designs always pays special attention to the figure skating dress, the materials used, and how the ice skating dress is designed and made. All Skating Designs items are manufactured in the USA. Therefore, Skating Designs uses the highest quality fabric and pays attention to all the minor outfit details that everyone takes for granted. Skating Designs ice skating dresses are specifically designed to meet the requirements of skaters participating in a competition as well as for recreational figure skaters.

Our warmest products are our Polartec pants and other Polartec clothing. Polartec is an extremely warm yet flexible four way stretch fabric. With our Polartec, you no longer worry about your skater being cold on ice. Each of our figure skating outfits are designed to make each skater stand out on ice. The more comfortable and warmer your skater is on ice, the better the skater will perform on ice. Skating Designs outfits are make of Polarec, Sportek, or lycra. For skaters who do not like skirts, Skating Designs sells pants with an attached skirt. This allows your skater to have the feel of pants with the benefit of a skirt appearance.

Our figure skating store produces top quality ice skating outfits, figure skating pants, ice skating clothes, ice skating pants, and specialized polartec clothing.Our figure skating pants and ice skating outfits are made from warm polartec clothing. With our polartec pants, you will be warm on ice. All these items and more can be found at our online figure skating store.We can easily customize our products to meet our customer’s requirements. You will not be disappointed with our customer service department. We take great pride in providing superior quality to our ice skating outfits, timely processing of all orders, all at an affordable price.

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