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PawsOutfits was founded by Dorota Kamieniecki. Dorota is a devout dog lover. Her dogs inspired her to do something special for dog owners and dogs. PawsOutfits is unique company whose mission is to make dog owners and dogs as comfortable as possible. Due to the comfort and safety of the dogs, the company sells lycra bandanas. Lycra is very soft and stretchy fabric that looks very elegant on dogs. Owners are happy as their dogs feel comfortable. To make your dog more happy, we are selling Polartec stretchy sweaters for dogs. We have hundreds of different types of lycra bandanas. Your dogs will be unique and stylish.

PawsOutfits stands apart from the competition. The company combines the comfort and beauty of dog clothing with an option to purchase a matching outfit for yourself and/or family. These outfits include jackets, tops and pants with different styles for any season of the year. We believe that if owners are happy and comfortable, they can share this happiness with their dogs and family. Please feel free to share your pictures with us. In addition, we make matching outfits for stuffed animals too. 20% of all sales will be donated to the National Mill Dog Rescue as we would like to save as many dogs as possible.

Free shipping on all orders over $125 in the USA!

Our Mission?

Saving Pets

We donated 20% of every sale to Nation Mill Dog Rescue. In this image all the dogs have been rescued. They would not be here today if it was not for kind people like you. The non profit has already saved over…

Pets saved

The BEST For Your BEST Friend!

We use lycra in our bandanas. It’s a premium material that is soft and stretchy at the same time. It keeps your dog both safe and comfortable!


In the USA there is a crisis of over 1.5 million animals put down each year.
That hurts our hearts, so we put our best efforts into making a change. 

Pets euthanized


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